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Tourism in Asia is growing faster than anywhere else in the world as Southeast Asia is one of the least expensive vacation locations. Home to the tallest peak in the world, considerably large deserts, the longest man-made wall, and pilgrimage destinations of some of the important religions, this continent will leave you gasping for more. Explore Asia's best sights and local secrets from travel experts you can trust.

Southeast Asia is home to more than 25,000 islands and islets. The world’s largest continent welcomes you to witness the range of culture, traditions, history, and topography unlike the other. From eastern India to China, eleven nations structure Southeast Asia, which is usually separated into "island" and "mainland" regions. The Asian continent extends into the mainland countries of Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Asia may be a magical land of mixed cultures and traditions. A haven for backpackers, luxury seekers, and people who are on a constant lookout for a daily adventure, Asia is where your every wish gets fulfilled.

Climate in Asia

The climate of southern parts of Asia is considered hot, while north-eastern parts are usually cold. East Asia features a moderate climate. Asia may be a big continent with different regions consisting of different weather patterns, hence, summation the best time to see Asia is quite tricky. As per the tourist information of Asia, the one thing which will be assured in visiting Asia is, there's always a place to visit in Asia in any month. January, February & March is great for visiting southeastern Asia like Cambodia, Southern Sri Lanka, and Borneo. Visit Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal during April and should for its warm weather. June and July are the simplest time to visit the ancient temples of Myanmar. The right time to visit Vietnam is August & September.

Quick Facts about Asia:

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Vietnam's transformation from one of the world's poorest countries to a middle-income economy.

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The Philippines is a land rich in natural landscapes, scenic locales, and friendly smiles.

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Almaty combines ancient tradition with a modern flair and is surrounded by imposing peaks.

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From mountains to historic sites, from cultural heritage to picturesque beaches, from incredible.

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Beginning in Baku, finishing in Tbilisi! With the 8-day In-Depth Culture Tour of Azerbaijan.

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Japan is a curved-shaped archipelago with its Sea of Japan along the west coast.

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Tashkent being the capital of Uzbekistan and the largest city in Central Asia, holds its pride.

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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, a bustling global hub of culture and innovation, where East meets West.

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Singapore is a small but dynamic island nation located in Southeast Asia,

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Thailand's natural wonders, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine make it a must-visit

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Indonesia, is known for its natural beauty, including pristine beaches, lush rainforests

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Embark on an unforgettable journey with a Nepal tour. Explore the stunning Himalayan landscapes,

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Discover Bhutan's Pristine Beauty: Explore Majestic Landscapes, Sacred Monasteries..

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Unveil the Treasures of Malaysia: With its pristine beaches, lush rainforests.

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Discover Turkey's Rich Treasures: Unveiling History, Scenic .