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Japan is a curved-shaped archipelago with its Sea of Japan along the west coast and the Pacific Ocean along the east one and is placed in East Asia. Starting from its historic places to customs, traditions, temples, celebrations, and an unmatchable vibe year-round, Japan is a country that has so much to offer.

Japan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that host many travel enthusiasts and explorers yearly. It is a perfect blend of tradition and modernism. They have kept their historical sites open for public visits. Across Japan, you will find cultural heritage highly rated by international standards. From exploring the industry-leading architecture and designs, and enjoying the beauty of the beautifully changing seasons, and magnificent gardens to department stores and cuisine, one can choose from a list of activities and places to enjoy. Leave the cities and townships and set out to discover the hot spring hamlets in the peaceful mountains, white sandy beaches, and a bunch of adventure activities that can refresh your mind and soul. One can explore the centuries-old shrines, enjoy the pristine national parks, do some sort of shopping in the chic urban centers or just relax on an island beach resort. Japan has many tourist attractions for its visitors.

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Japan is a perfect blend of tradition and modernism making it the most...